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Give It Twice Trust

By designating the Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA or insurance policy and creating a Give It Twice Trust, your assets can help your family and bless the work of the Lord.

Give it Twice Trust
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Benefits of a Give it Twice Trust

  • Uses the full unused value of your retirement savings account
  • Creates an estate tax deduction and savings on the charitable gift
  • Benefits ministry without taking away income from your children

How a Give it Twice Trust works

You complete an IRA or other investment account or insurance policy beneficiary designation form, naming the Foundation as the beneficiary. We establish a Charitable Remainder Unitrust that will later be funded by that account. When you pass away, the assets are transferred to your trust, which then will pay income to your surviving spouse and/or your children for a specified period of time. Once all trust payments have been made, the money is "given twice" by then being distributed to your local church or a favorite ministry.

A Give It Twice Trust can be a great way to provide for your children as part of your estate plan because it:

  • Provides tax savings on income and estate taxes
  • Promotes fairness by giving to each child equally
  • Teaches children responsibility by giving them regular income instead of one lump sum