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Giving Examples

Read stories of people who have used many of our different gift types to bless ministry work around the country and the world.

  • Bequests
    Joe and Anna were faithful supporters of their church over the years. Both of them strongly believed in the important work that their church was doing and wanted to be part of it...
  • Tax-Free Sale
    Howard and Lynn were age 55 when they purchased some land outside of town, thinking that it would be a good investment...
  • Capital Gains Tax Bypassed
    Peter and Gail were nearing retirement. Over the years, with the help of their financial advisor, they had made solid investments in securities...
  • The Retirement Unitrust
    When Mary's parents passed away, she inherited the farm that she grew up on. The property increased in value and several developers became interested in building homes on the farmland...
  • Current Gifts
    Every year, Jim and Sharon would focus their attention on giving gifts to those that they loved. One year, they made an addition to their gift list and began including their favorite ministry...
  • Deferred Gift Annuity
    Larry and Allison invested $30,000 in what they believed to be an attractive stock. This turned out to be a very wise decision...
  • Bargain Sale
    Susan and Kevin bought their first home, and then, years later, made plans to build a second home so that their children could spend their summers along the lake...